FAQs Colour Change Candle

FAQs Colour Change Candle

Why do you state on the packaging of the candle that it should not be burned continuously for a period of more than 4 hours? Is it unsafe to do this?

Candles should not be left unattended and it is unlikely that a consumer will remain in the same room as the lit candle for more than 4 hours. The statement is purely as a prompt to extinguish the candle flame when leaving the room.

Is it safe to use the candle in the bathroom?

It is safe to use the candle in any room within the house providing you follow the usage instruction on the packaging. (Note to customer services team: refer to icons and instructions in info pack)

I have 2 Air wick Multicolor candles. One says it burns for 25 hours but the other says 30 hours. Why are they different? (Applicable to FR/BE/NL primarily)

We always aim to give our consumers an accurate indication of the candle burn time. From time to time design modifications mean that we can increase the burn time. Earlier batches may burn for a slightly shorter time however the standard/quality of all our product remains consistent.

Only one color lights up on my candle

This candle is designed to cycle through a rainbow of colours. If only one color is showing when you have lit your candle please, send the candle back to us for investigation

The colours stay lit after I have blown out the candle

This candle is designed to turn off the colours lights a few seconds after it is blown out. If the colored lights stay on and do not go out please send the candle back to us for investigation. There is no heat associated with the ‘on’ lights and so the unit is safe to transport.

How safe is my candle when you have batteries & electronics located in the base?

The candle is completely safe it has been thoroughly tested. The batteries & electronics are housed in a separate compartment that is not in contact with the flame or heat. Once the candle has burned down it will automatically stop and self extinguish. This is normal and ensures there is no contact with the batteries and electronic parts at any time during use.