Bedroom Room Guide


Our bedrooms tend to be a special place and somewhat of a haven to retreat to after a long day. Whether you’re there to read a book, watch some TV or catch some z’s, it goes without saying that you should be able to relax. Yet with so much time spent in our bedrooms, they can quickly get stuffy and smelly – and that’s surely one way to stop you from unwinding.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of odour in the bedroom, read on for our best practices. We’ll also take you through how to keep the bedroom smelling fresh for the long term, including what scents to introduce to help you do so.


Why does my bedroom smell?

If your bedroom is suffering from a funky smell, here are five things that will help to make your bedroom smell better:

Let in some fresh air

This may seem like an obvious place to start, but the best way to make sure your room always smells good is to get the air circulating. There is no ‘right amount’ of air that a room needs, but we should be aiming to vent it out for at least five minutes per day. If you need to get rid of a bad smell in the room such as cigarette smoke, fresh air is the best thing for flushing out any stale, musty smells that are lingering around in order to make your bedroom smell good.

Wash your sheets

Most people will spend over a third of their life in bed, which is a lot of skin contact with your pillows and sheets.[1] Your body releases moisture when you sleep too, so your bedding can quickly build up a lot of germs and bacteria if you don’t change it frequently. Always make sure you’re washing your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week, as this will significantly impact the smell that emanates from your bedroom. Trust us, your room will be smelling better in no time!

Empty your laundry basket and waste bins

Another cause of odours in bedrooms is large laundry bins that have an accumulation of dirty washing, whether that’s last week’s socks or used towels that smell of damp. The same goes for waste bins in your bedroom – if you don’t empty them every few days, this can result in a build-up of rubbish that brings smells. To improve the atmosphere,

Pets in the bedroom?

Many of us as pet parents have succumbed to letting our animal friends sleep in the bedroom (or even the bed!) with us. And as with all bad smells, our brain can adapt to treat pet smells as something that is the norm for us – but your guests won’t feel this way! You can buy an inexpensive black light from most pet shops, which will help you to sus out offensive smells. Simply spot and mark urine traces with sticky tape that show up under the florescent lighting.


How to make your bedroom smell good

Once the source of the smell is eliminated, it’s time to think about how to keep a bedroom smelling fresh all the time…

Light a candle

Candles are a wonderful way to add some ambience to your bedroom as well as filling the air with a warm and inviting fragrance. Our Air Wick® Essential Oils Infusion Candles are the perfect way to enjoy natural essential oils extracted from fruits, flowers and plants to infuse your home with an invigorating scent, as well as helping you to relax (or rejuvenate!) based on your scent preference.

Embrace the Essential Mist diffuser

Another way to make your bedroom smell naturally fresh is to use the Air Wick® Essential Mist diffuser. This device uses natural essential oils, dispersing them through the air in a fine mist that turns into aromatherapeutic scents. Its elegant, compact design enhances any décor, so why not try it on a bedside table, or perhaps a dressing table or a shelf? It’s long-lasting fragrance can provide up to 45 days of continuous fragrance based on its lowest setting, too.

With Air Wick®’s range of aromatic scents, you’ll not only be able to stop your bedroom suffering from bad odours, but keep your house smelling good all the time, too.