Christmas smells like…

Whether you’ve made your list, checked it twice, and have been naughty or nice, every person has strong sensory associations with the holidays, especially when it comes to Christmas scents and festive fragrances. When we think of holiday scents, we recommend trying our Winter Wonderland, Mulled Wine, Winter Berries fragrances, as well as Apple & Cinnamon, exclusively available for Essential Mist.

What Christmas smells come to your mind when you think about the holidays?

Cranberry and Mint

Christmas Smells Like…Cranberry and Mint

In addition to reflecting the scents of the holidays, the cranberry and mint ingredients that inspire the Winter Berries fragrance infused with Essential Oils, also resemble the red and white colours of Christmas.

Christmas Smells Like… Mulled Wine

It may be cold outside, but there’s nothing like getting cosy and warm in your own home during winter. With the help of Christmas scents infused with essential oils like orange and cinnamon, your home will be lifted with a warm, spicy aroma. Try our Mulled Wine fragrance in our Plug-In or Freshmatic Auto Sprays. To keep the senses citrus and spiced, make your own mulled wine using these homemade recipes.

Mulled Wine
Pine cones and Open Fires

Christmas Smells Like…Pine Cones and Open Fires

Nothing beats a fresh Christmas tree scent. Made from pine essential oil, bring an evergreen scent into your home with a fragrance that evokes a Winter Wonderland. To further accent your home, make a wreath from fir branches and pinecones, then hang it on your front door -- the perfect ornament for your house.

Christmas Smells Like…Roast Turkey and Mince Pies

So many aspects of the holidays are reflected in the meals we share at Christmas. Main courses like roast turkey and mince pies keep everyone going, and if you end up having too much to eat, they may make you stop too! If you need help setting the table this Christmas, why not look up recipes to make your own mince pies. And to keep up the food and drink theme, you might also enjoy our Christmas Cookie and Frosted Cherry Kiss fragrances.

Roast Turkey and Mince Pies