How to Bring Fragrance into the Home

What smell greets you when you step through the door at the end of a long day? Keeping your home smelling clean is one thing, but how do you ensure each room is filled with the scent that means the most to you?

Fragrance is deeply personal and intrinsically tied to the areas in the brain that control memory and emotions. The Egyptians recognised the power of scent over 5,000 years ago, becoming the first known civilisation to develop rich fragrances1 from rose oil, cedar, sweet balsam and nutmeg.

Scent technology has come a long way since then, and Air Wick has been at the forefront of product innovation with the development of the Freshmatic. With the Freshmatic, there’s a scent for everyone.

Air Wick UK - Bring fragrance Into Your Home

60 days of continuous fragrance

The Freshmatic device provides your home with a continuous flow of fragrance, filling every room with the fragrance of your choice. The device has three time interval settings allowing you to have control over the fragrance level. On the minimum setting the refills can last up to 60 days, or you can increase the fragrance setting, giving you a more intense scent experience.  

Up to 2,400 sprays of odour neutralising fragrance in each refill

Air Wick Life Scents is the latest in fragrance innovation, the first constantly changing scent. Available now for the Freshmatic automatic air freshener, Life Scents are designed to mimic real life experiences by providing a multi-layering effect allowing consumers to discover competing fragrance notes. This is different from standard fragrances which provide a rounded overall smell.

For example, when baking you are hit by different scents as they are added into the mix - the stewing fruit, fresh dough and rich chocolate for example. Or on a family walk through the forest you may discover the scent of pine, fauna and fresh crisp air. Each Life Scents is made up of three different scents, so as you walk from one room to the next, each scent subtly competes with the next, providing your home with a more enriched scent experience. Air Wick’s range of unique Life Scents fragrances can help neutralise bad odours which can cause negative feelings.  

Unique & Versatile Design

The Freshmatic device has been designed to not look like your standard air freshener. Instead it has been crafted to blend in with your home as it can be placed in most rooms, except in sleeping areas, on shelves, cupboards or even hung on the wall. It should always be placed at least six feet above the floor level to ensure the fragrance best disperses throughout the home. 

Discover the power of scent and bring rich and dynamic fragrances into your home today. See here for the full range of fragrances available for the Freshmatic device.