What is V.I.Poo?

What is V.I.Poo?

V.I.Poo is a pre-poo odour neutraliser. It doesn't wait until there is a bad smell: it prevents it from filling the air by trapping unpleasant odours in your toilet. By using our toilet spray before you go, smells are sealed beneath the surface of the toilet water, while leaving a light, pleasant scent behind.

To see how it works for yourself, here’s the V.I.Poo advert everyone’s been talking about:


What is it for?

V.I.Poo pre-poo spray is for trapping nasty smells in the toilet bowl. Unlike other bathroom sprays, it prevents toilet bowl odours instead of masking them.

How to use V.I.Poo

Using V.I.Poo is easy. 

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Lift toilet seat and spray 3-5 times directly into the toilet bowl, onto the water’s surface.
  3. Lower toilet seat down and use as normal.
  4. Do not spray directly on toilet seat; if sprayed wipe up with damp cloth or paper.

V.I.Poo spray reviews: what’s the verdict?

V.I.Poo reviews say a little goes a long way for a breath of fresh air: 

  • “It does its job. Such a good idea.” (Morrisons Customer Review)
  • “Glad I gave it a try! Was skeptical at first but really glad I tried it, it really does work. No longer scared to go into the bathroom after a family member has been in there!” (ASDA customer review)
  • “I bought this for my husband as a joke but actually it’s the best fiver I’ve ever spent.” (ASDA customer review)
  • “It worked a treat. Usually we have to spray copious amounts of air freshener into the bathroom to get rid of smells.” (Ocado customer review)
  • “Always a little skeptical when buying something like this because all sprays say they ‘mask’ or ‘eliminate’ odours one way or another. This little spray seems to do both.” (Amazon customer review)

What scents are available?

 Six different V.I.Poo scents are available;   

Where can I buy V.I.Poo?

You can find V.I.Poo in-stores or online

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