Decorative & Solid Room Fresheners FAQs

1. How to use Air Wick® Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are an attractive accompaniment to any tabletop, mental piece or shelf. Our Air Wick® Room Fresheners are are easy to use – simply place them in any room to give off a fragrance that will quickly remove odours around you, while enlivening the air with a pleasant aroma.

2. What is an air freshener?

An air freshener does exactly what it says: they are placed within homes or commercial areas in order to freshen the air. The molecules contained within air fresheners turn from liquid form to a gas within the room – and this is the fragrance that we can sense within our surroundings. Our add fragrance wherever you need them to, whether that’s on a shelf, in a bathroom or closet, or as a bedroom air freshener. Our Air Wick® Crystal is a gel-based air freshener, while the Decosphere is in liquid form.

3. How to use a gel air freshener?

A common problem with some ordinary gels is that, while they initially smell strong, the fragrance fades. With Air Wick® Crystal Air however, it’s made with ‘Hyperscent’ technology – so you can place it anywhere and it will provide you with up to sixof fresh fragrance. You will know when to replace your Crystal Air, as the gel will shrink and separate.

4. How do I know when to replace my Crystal Air?

Crystal Air draws its scent from the gel inside of it. If you watch the glass, the gel will slowly recede over time and this is a sign that you should get a new one.

5. Where should I keep my Crystal Air?

Our Crystal Air range is perfect for placing in any room. We would just advise that you keep it away from heat, and always on a flat surface!

6. What Crystal Air scents are available?

Our Crystal Air comes in two scents: Blue Ocean Minerals and Purple Blackberry Fig.

7. How to use a liquid air freshener?

The Decosphere is a portable liquid air freshener perfect for bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other areas that you want to decorate with fragrance for up to 8 hours. You can do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Lift off the dome
  2. Unscrew the inner cap and discard
  3. Replace dome by pressing down firmly
  4. Adjust the dome for intensity of fragrance
  5. Our decorative glass design means you can easily see when it’s time for a new Decosphere room freshener.

8. How long do the Air Wick Crystal Air units last?

The Air Wick Crystal Air freshener lasts for around 6 weeks.

9. The benefits of Crystal Air Room Freshener

A common problem with some ordinary gels is that, while they initially smell strong, the fragrances can fade. Crystal Air, however, provides six weeks of consistent and effective fragrance because it is made using advanced ‘Hyperscent’ technology.

10. What scents are available for Crystal Air?

The Air Wick Crystal Air range comes in Purple Blackberry Fig or Blue Ocean Minerals.