Plug-ins FAQs

1. How does an Air Wick Plug-In work?

Our Air Wick Plug-In works by continuously diffusing your choice of essential oil throughout your home. Unlike automatic air fresheners, Air Wick Plug-Ins constantly diffuse to deliver a consistent fragrance from when first plugged in to when they run out.

2. How to use Air Wick Plug-Ins

To install your Air Wick plug in, simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove your plastic cap from the fragrance bottle.
  2. Insert your fragrance bottle into the bottom of the plug diffuser unit, until you hear a ‘click’ (ensuring the fragrance bottle is kept upright at all times).
  3. Plug the assembled unit into an available socket and turn on to start, or unplug from wall to shut off.

3. How to adjust your Air Wick Plug-In

You can adjust your Air Wick plug in by rotating the revolving button control at the top of the unit. There are five fragrance intensity levels - for a minimal intensity, choose the smaller flower. For the maximum intensity, choose the largest flower.

4. How to refill your Air Wick Plug-In

To refill your Air Wick Plug-In, simply remove the device from the outlet and pull the bottle downwards before inserting a new one. Please note that, your empty refill bottle cannot be filled with perfume or other liquid fragrance.

5. Can you reuse Air Wick Plug-In bulbs?

It is not possible to reuse your Air Wick Plug-In bulb, and we would strongly recommend against doing this.

6. How long do Air Wick Plug-Ins last?

An Air Wick Plug-In can last up to 80 days based on 12 hours of daily usage on a minimum setting.

7. How can you make your Air Wick Plug-In last longer?

You can extend the life of your fragrance by using it on a minimum setting or unplugging for a portion of the day.

8. How safe are Plug-In air fresheners?

Our Air Wick® Plug-Ins are safe to use, so long as you always read the instructions provided with the product and follow the guidance below.

WARNING: When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be followed.

  • DO ensure close supervision when product is used near children
  • DO read all instructions before using the product
  • DO NOT put fingers or hands into product

CAUTION: There is a risk of electric shock and fire hazard when using this product. This is not intended for use by children and is for adult use only.

  • DO plug only into properly functioning, exposed 230-240-volt electrical wall outlet where product is ventilated and cannot contact bed covering or other material
  • DO NOT use with extension cords – if blocking the “TEST” or “RESET” buttons of an RCD outlet, test RCD on a regular basis
  • DO NOT plug anything in above the Air Wick® Plug-In
  • DO NOT use air freshener with Mega fragrance bottle in fragrance receptacles

9. How does the unit shut off?

Just unplug it from the wall.

10. What size room would it be most effective in?

The product could be used in all room sizes, preferably large to medium size.

11. Should the unit be left plugged without oil?

No. Once your unit has ran out of oil, you should unplug it from the wall.