UK National Parks FAQs

1. What is the inspiration for this partnership?

The National Park collection of fragrances is designed to capture, celebrate and promote ‘Britain’s breathing spaces’. Airwick have blended fragrances inspired by the spirit of the National Parks, inviting people to explore and engage with these iconic landscapes. The partnership also helps preserve their heritage by generating funds for vital projects. Through this partnership, Airwick aims to raise awareness about these beautiful areas of protected countryside, and to inspire and encourage those who have never visited to consider doing so.

2. How does the partnership help Britain’s National Parks?

Airwick wants to raise awareness and directly support the work of UK National Parks through this partnership. Through the partnership, Airwick and Britain’s National Parks aim to invite people to explore and engage with these iconic British landscapes, and extend that message outside of the traditional circles. In addition to raising awareness of the UK National Parks family, the partnership will help generate funds for vital heritage projects. The commitment to community, sustainability and environment of Airwick, through its manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser, makes the brand an excellent choice to strengthen and support the National Parks in their mission to engage young people and families.

3. Which National Parks will be involved?

For this collection, UK National Parks brings together several Park Authorities to raise the profile of the National Parks. The 2015 spring collection places the spotlight on the following iconic locations: Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and Peak District.