V.I.Poo FAQs

1. What is V.I.Poo?

The time has come to change the way we face bathroom odours. Our V.I.Poo products are pre-poo toilet sprays, or poop sprays, as they’re otherwise known. They help you to keep nasty smells barricaded in the bowl, for embarrassment-free flushing – every single time. So, keep one on your bathroom shelf or even tucked away in your bag, and you’ll never have to panic about pooping again.

2. How does V.I.Poo work?

By spraying our essential oil into the toilet bowl, you can create a barrier against unpleasant smells and discover fantastic-smelling fragrance instead. From Lemon Idol to Lavender Superstar and Rosy Starlet, we have a whole host of beautiful toilet scents for proactive odour protection. Sure, it’s a normal bodily function, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want bad smells to stay at bay.

3. How do you use V.I.Poo?

Using V.I.Poo is easy. Spray 3-5 times into the bowl before taking your seat. The essential oils will work to create an odour barrier – meaning bad scents will get trapped in the bowl, rather than spreading around the room. Simply do your business, flush, and walk out with your head held high!


One of our most popular V.I.Poo toilet sprays is Lemon Idol, offering a fresh and zesty experience to leave the loo stink-free and fragrance-filled every time.


4. Where can you buy V.I.Poo?

If you’re wondering which stores sell V.I.Poo, you can purchase the product at all popular retailers, or you can purchase them online from the following stores: Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado, Amazon and Waitrose, as well as many more.