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The Pineapple Fragrance Range by Air Wick®

The Pineapple Fragrance Range

Turn your space into a tropical paradise with our range of pineapple scents. Let its juicy essences enhance your home with a burst of brightening freshness. 

Enjoying the pineapple scent

Let the outside in with our pineapple fragrances infused with natural essential oils. The sweet and summery pineapple scent brings the sunshine with it to lift and liven any space. Just like other fruity fragrances, it makes the mood feel instantly brighter.

No matter the season, you can enjoy pineapple fragrance in any room within your home. Let it boost social spaces such as your living room or revive and refresh the air in your bedroom and bathroom areas. It’s perfect for those special occasions when you want to create a bold, buzzing atmosphere.

Experiencing pineapple across a range of products

Our range of products allows you to experience this refreshing aroma in many ways, whether you prefer pineapple room sprays that pack an instant punch, or scented oils and reed diffusers that slowly diffuse throughout the day. Alternatively, why not light a pineapple candle to invigorate your space?