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Fabric Fresheners & Scent Boosters

Fabric Freshener

Discover Air Wick Fabric Range: Refreshener & Scent Booster for a spectacular fragrance

Fabric Freshener & Scent Booster

Discover our NEW Fabric Range of Scent Boosters & Fabric Refreshers with fragrance powered by Air Wick Essential Oils and the gentle care of Woolite. Give your fabrics a boost with our Fabrics range, available in 6 fragrances inspired by nature.

Infused with Natural Essential Oils

The Air Wick with Woolite Fabric range are perfect for your in home fabrics, and are powered by Essential Oils. Our Scent Boosters and Fabric Refreshers give your clothes and home fabrics a boost of fresh fragrance throughout the day.

Scent Booster

Boost the fragrance of every wash with your favourite Air Wick scent, infused with 30 Essential Oils. Experience a long-lasting fragrance for you and your family’s fabrics.

Fabric Refresher

Neutralise Odours on your home fabrics to unleash 24 Hours of freshness! Infused with Natural Essential Oils for long-lasting fragrances that refresh your home.