The Ultimate Essential Oils Guide

What are essential oils?

Essential oils occur naturally in plants, leaves, herbs and flowers. These pure essences have pleasant aromatic qualities, making them ideal as a component in a home fragrance or in scents for bathrooms. Essential oils have also been used throughout ancient history as well as in modern medicine for their therapeutic benefits.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Different types of essential oils have been used to treat illness and promote wellbeing for centuries. In modern times, scientific confirmation of their benefits has led to their continued use.

One of the most common ways of using essential oils is in aromatherapy. Once in the air, essential oil fragrances can promote mental wellbeing and uplifted moods. Essential oil diffusers can also help purify the air, leading to fresher fragrance for those in the same room.

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Just a small drop of oil can release a strong fragrance, which means sometimes not much essence is used – essential oils products can vary greatly in quality. At Air Wick, we source the plants for our essential oils by looking for healthy plants of high quality. We then combine the oils in a blend of fragrances to lock in scent. Our safe processing and manufacturing oversight of both the oils and their diffusers further ensures you have a safe, quality-assured experience with essential oils.