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Let’s Bring Nature Back

Let’s Bring Nature Back

Did you know that over the last century, 97% of our wildflower meadows have been lost? But with a little bit of love, we believe our native wildflowers and the species that rely on them can thrive once more. That’s why Botanica by Air Wick and WWF have come together in their shared love of nature to help restore wildflower habitats in the UK.

Introducing #BringNatureBack

Introducing #BringNatureBack. Together, we’re committed to restoring our British wildflower habitats – in turn helping those wildlife species that need it most. It’s a win-win for us all.


Over the next three years, we’ll be bringing back 20 million square feet of precious British wildflower habitats. It may seem ambitious, but it’s nothing when you consider what nature does for us.

Get involved

Now more than ever, we can all appreciate the many benefits the natural world brings us. Looking to give back? Growing wildflowers is something we can all get involved in, and the good news is you can create these habitats from your very own balcony, garden, or windowsill. From making mini meadows, to building bee baths, #BringNatureBack together and give nature a helping hand.


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Want to know what other actions you can take for nature? WWF is working for a future where nature is in recovery. Everyone can do something to protect our planet. Find out more at

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