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Air Wick Liquid Electrical Plug-ins - Now That's A Breath Of Fresh Air Wick

Air Wick Liquid Electrical Plug ins: Product Features: Plastic Free Packaging* (*Excludes Cap); Lasts Up To 100 Days** (**On Lowest Setting); Air Wick Electrical Plug-In Device consumes less than 2p of electricity per day (*Based on 24 hour/day usage)”; Infused with Essential Oils; 5 Fragrance Settings

Available At Selected Retailers Today!

Where to use

The Air Wick Liquid Electrical Plug-in releases fragrances upwards and outwards.


Place it in your hallway to deliver fresh scents that neutralise house smells and welcome guests to your home.

Air Wick Plug ins. Fragrance That Fills The Room. Perfect for your hallway, living room and kitchen.

Plug-in Scented Oils

Our Plug-In Scented Oil fragrances are infused with natural essential oils. Just plug in, choose your fragrance setting, and enjoy a continuous release of freshness for up to 100 days*.

Air Wick Plug-In Device consumes less than 2p of electricity per day**

* Based on 12 hour/day usage on low setting. 

**Based on 24 hour/day usage.

A Range Of Scents

Our Plug-in Range is infused with 100% natural essential oils, blended to bring you an authentic fragrance experience.


Now That's a Breath of Fresh Air Wick.

How to use

1. Remove cap from refill bottle


2. Insert refill into plugin device


3. Plug device into an electrical outlet


4. Adjust fragrance setting to your liking and enjoy

5 fragrance settings

Plug-in scented oils have 5 settings, allowing you to adjust the level of fragrance in each room.

Long-lasting, continuous fragrance

Enjoy a steady release of fragrance for up to 100 days per refill*.


*Based on 12 hrs/day usage on lowest setting.