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The Sandalwood Fragrance Range

The Sandalwood Fragrance Range

Bask in the smooth and woody base notes of sandalwood. This warm and welcoming scent will captivate the senses and make sure any house smells like a home.

Savouring the sandalwood scent

The enveloping sandalwood aroma is a smooth, creamy combination of soft-and-rich notes that smells like an invitation to step inside. It works as well on its own as it does with a complex blend of complementary scents.

So, let sandalwood drift through your space and add depth to any setting. It’s well suited to any room, but this pleasant aroma works particularly well in the hallway, and its combination of clarifying and comforting properties mean it’s welcome in both the home-office and bedroom setting.

Basking in sandalwood across a range of products

Our range of products allow you to savour the sandalwood scent in many ways. A sandalwood candle is a perfect way to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. And something like a sandalwood reed diffuser, essential mist or scented oil will help you continuously diffuse this calming, cosy scent throughout your home.