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The Cherry Fragrance Range by Air Wick


The power of scent can influence the atmosphere in your home, and cherry will make your home smell sweet and inviting.

Enjoy Our Many Variations

Spread the bright, ripe essences of your favourite fruit around your home with Air Wick® cherry fragrances and scents. Plug-ins, automatic sprays, reed diffusers and instant sprays are all available in our sweet and fresh cherry fragrances.

Just as we have many cherry fragrance variations so too can you use our fragrances in varied ways. Try them in the bedroom or bathroom, to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.


Experience Cherry Scents Across our Range of Products

Whether you’re looking for a cherry room spray, or a cherry freshener, enhance your home’s scent story with the naturally sweet aroma of fruity, freshly picked cherries that are sure to leave your home smelling summery all year round.