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Bringing Nature Back with Air Wick

WWF & Air Wick - Our Work In Leicester

Discover how WWF and Air Wick helped children in Leicester learn more about the nature around them and reconnect with the natural world!


  • Our Wildflower Projects: Botanica & WWF March 25, 2021 Our Wildflower Projects: Botanica & WWF Nature needs our help. That’s why Botanica and WWF are working together on ‘Let’s Bring Nature Back’: a project where we’re planting wildflowers and conserving British wildflower habitats, so that nature can thrive once more. That way we... READ MORE
  • Our Pledge to Nature April 30, 2021 Our Pledge to Nature Planting wildflowers helps to protect nature, and we’re committed to doing just that. In partnership with WWF, Botanica by Air Wick have created ‘Let’s Bring Nature Back’: a pledge to revive our wildflowers by restoring 20 million square... READ MORE