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Automatic Sprays

Automatic Spray

Get the confidence of knowing that your home is always fresh, even when unexpected guests arrive, with the 24/7 Odour Neutralisation power of Air Wick Automatic Spray. Each refill lasts up to 70 days* and has 3 settings to find your preferred fragrance level.


*based on lowest setting

Freshen Your Home Automatically

Air Wick Automatic Sprays are the perfect device to provide a burst of fresh fragrance in any room of your home. Keep bathroom smells at bay or welcome guests into your living room with a delightful fresh fragrance 24/7

How to use

1. Twist open and insert refill


2. Insert 1 x AA battery


3. Twist close until click


4. Use slide to turn on and select frequency settings

Enjoy 24/7 Odour Neutralising Fragrance

Air Wick Automatic Sprays fill your home with Odour Neutralising fragrance 24/7. Just set the device to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy. Each refill provides up to 70 days* of odour protection.


*based on lowest setting

Adjustable Fragrance Intensity

The Air Wick Automatic Spray has 3 settings to achieve your preferred fragrance level. To adjust the setting, lift the lid and move the switch to the desired setting. One dot is the lowest frequency setting, two dots is the medium and three dots is the highest and most frequent fragrance setting.