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Charcoal Bags

Charcoal Bags

All Natural Air Freshener for Small Spaces With Natural Activated Charcoal 

Bamboo based odour absorbing

Introducing NEW Air Wick Bamboo Based* Odour Removing bags – a natural solution for odour absorption in small spaces.

*charcoal made from responsibly sourced bamboo; scented bag also contains fragrance infused with essential oils

Infused with Natural Essential Oils

Fragrance containing responsibly sourced natural essential oils and Exfoliated minerals from natural origin

Odour Absorbing

Proven to Absorb Malodours and moisture whilst releasing a subtle, delightful fragrance


These versatile Air Wick charcoal bags are designed to be as portable and convenient as you need them to be. Simply place in any small space where you need to get rid of odours and continuously freshen the surroundings