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Air Wick's Values

Air Wick® connecting people to nature for over 70 years

Crafting Nature​

Fill any room with an authentic fragrance experience, crafted from natural ingredients. We start from the source, finding the best fragrances nature has to offer, and infusing our products with natural essential oils. With innovative devices designed to deliver our carefully blended scents, you can enjoy the best from nature in the comfort of your home.

Connect to nature

Connecting to nature stimulates our senses. It makes us feel grounded, relaxed and alive. At Air Wick, our mission is to bring that experience into millions of homes. So we set out to create a fragrance experience that replicates the best from nature. Captivating, but never overpowering, our fragrances are infused with 100% natural essential oils to create authentic, true-to-nature scent experiences.

Committed to air care

In 1943, we opened as one of the first companies dedicated to air care. Today, as a Reckitt Benckiser company, we share our passion for nature-crafted, authentic fragrance experiences with over 78 countries and are ranked as UK’s #1 Air Freshener brand.