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How to connect with nature

How to Connect with Nature

Nature is all around us and includes features of the physical earth – including plants, animals, landscapes and more. As studies have shown, spending time in these natural environments – and strengthening our human connection to nature – can bring amazing benefits to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet in a world where so many of us are constantly on-the-go, we sometimes need to be reminded of the simple ways we can connect with wonderful nature. That’s where Air Wick® comes in…


Here are some ways we can all restore the connection between humans and nature, no matter where you live – from taking 30 minutes out of your day for a breather, to bringing the best that mother nature has to offer to your home.


Whether it’s daily, weekly, or just whenever you get a break from the office – simply go outside, and just walk. It doesn’t matter where. Some people prefer this to be a time of silent reflection, while others prefer the accompaniment of music or a podcast; either way, you’ll be amazed at what’s around you when you take the time to observe. Stopping to see your surroundings allows you to find new appreciation for your area, as well as discover new places to go. Plus, getting some fresh air and some steps on the clock will do wonders for your wellbeing. If you have a little more time on your hands, our partners National Parks UK provide some of the best places to get lost amongst the outdoors.



Many people use the gym to greater benefit their physical and mental health. When the weather permits however, why not bring the gym outside, whether that is in your back garden, or in your local park? Lots of the things we do inside the gym can be done in nature (for free, too!) and have the added bonus of allowing you to feel the fresh air in your lungs. This could include swapping the treadmill for the track or doing a HIIT class with friends on a nearby field. Particularly if you’re someone that is interested in yoga or meditation and mindfulness, this can be one way to deepen your spiritual connection to nature.



If walking is out of the question, but you are travelling by bike or car, why not take the scenic route? Just because we need to get to places, doesn’t mean we have to be completely deprived of our connection to nature. When possible, make the effort to set off a little earlier, and take the slightly longer, but far more picturesque route – we promise it’ll be worth it. For those with even more time, try turning your route into a fun tick-it-off-the-list trip. There are so many ways you can reroute your journey so that you can stop in ‘hotspots’ along the way – giving you the chance to take in the natural beauty of the landscape, from mountainous backdrops to picture-perfect gardens.



One easy way to ensure you are connected to nature is to cultivate your own sanctuary within the back yard or garden. Whether you want to plant some florals, herbs, or even start a vegetable garden – you’ll soon be rewarded with idyllic scenery, great food, and colourful blooms. If you’re someone that wants to attract wildlife, why not put up some nesting boxes that encourage birds to breed, or plant native trees such as elm, beech or ash that bring both birds and insects to where you are. According to The National Trust, letting the grass grow, taking a break from weeds, and growing climber plants (like ivy!) are some other great ways to help you have wildlife in your own back garden.



One of the ways humans have lost their connection to nature is through not spending as much time outdoors. In fact, the average British worker only spends around 37 minutes of their day outside – with 40% spending less than just 15 minutes outdoors. If you can’t get outside often, all hope is not lost – simply bring the outside in. This can be done through small steps such as opening windows, and letting fresh air and sunlight in. Next, bring in plants and flowers aplenty, or even invest in natural furniture, from floors to furniture accessories and ornaments, that allow you to feel the presence of nature within your space.


Next, think about scent and bringing the outdoors in through using Air Wick®’s natural essential oils. Because essential oils occur naturally in plants, leaves, herbs and flowers, you get to bring a piece of nature inside, even when you can’t be out. We have many aromas signifying your favourite scents, including outdoor fragrances specifically created to capture the natural essences of mother earth.


If you’re looking to go further afield, transport yourself to exotic locations around the globe from the comfort of your own home with our new Botanica range. When you can’t take the trip yourself, let Air Wick® scour the planet for you and bring naturally fragrant ingredients from the likes of the Caribbean and the Himalayas straight to your home.