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WWF & Botanica

WWF & Botanica

We have a huge amount of respect for nature. Our responsibly sourced Botanica by Air Wick range is inspired by the best ingredients that nature has to offer, and now nature urgently needs our help. Since 1930, we’ve collectively lost over 97% of our British wildflower meadows. So, together with WWF, we’re launching the ‘Let’s Bring Nature Back’ campaign to begin to help restore some of our beautiful meadows and grasslands to their former splendour.


Our promise to nature

Wildflowers offer more than just inspiration. They’re also a critical part of the UK’s natural biodiversity, supporting a range of insects and pollinators and enabling our wildlife to thrive. That’s why Botanica by Air Wick and WWF pledge to restore 20 million square feet of precious wildflower habitats in the UK. You can find out more about our three-year plan running from 2021-2023 here.

Our projects on the ground

We’re working with local partners on a wide variety of crucial projects that will conserve existing habitats, as well as create new ones in order to support wildflowers and the species that depend on them. From growing wildflowers alongside road verges, to planting in local farms, schools, and floodplains, you can find out more about our projects here.

Find out more about WWF’s work on the ground and how you can get involved in protecting our planet.

Air Wick will give WWF-UK £300,000 per year to WWF-UK, a charity registered in England & Wales (1081247) and Scotland (SC039593). Survey: Fuller RM (1987) Biological Conservation.
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