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Reed Diffusers

Long lasting, gentle fragrance diffusion

Fill your home with the welcoming, natural fragrances of Air Wick Reed Diffusers. Natural rattan stems gently diffuse fragrance around the room, bringing the freshness of nature into your home.

Reed Diffusers

The stylish simplicity of Air Wick Reed Diffusers are a perfect addition to any room in your home. Create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with the diffusion of long-lasting fragrance, infused with Natural Essential Oils.

Natural Rattan Reeds

Unlike bamboo stems, whose nodes hinder the wicking process, our natural rattan stems create a channel for our fragrances infused with Essential Oils to travel up and diffuse out into the air.

Portable and Easy to Use

With no need for a plug socket, battery or naked flame, our Air Wick Reed Diffusers can be tastefully displayed anywhere in your home. To keep the fragrance fresh, you can easily take out the reed stems, turn them around and place them back into the fragrance jar.

Perfect for any Room

The stylish simplicity of our Reed Diffusers make them a perfect addition to any space in your home. You could display the diffuser in the hallway so its inviting fragrance greets guests immediately; as a decorative accessory on your coffee table or as a freshening scent on your bedside table or bathroom shelf.