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How to make your house smell nice

How to make your house smell nice

If you’re like most people, home is your happy place, which is why it’s in your best interests to not only keep it looking its best, but smelling its best, too. A good fragrance in your space can work wonders, whether it’s creating a more inviting atmosphere or ensuring your house truly feels like a home.


To get your home smelling its best, you’ll need to be aware of the various sources of unwanted odours in your home, learn how to get rid of them, and discover ways to make your house smell good. Find out how with Air Wick, including ways to inject amazing fragrances into your home to help tell your unique scent story.

First, ask yourself – why might there be a bad smell in my house?

2,000 litres of air passes through our nose each day, meaning our brain is bombarded with smells. It uses a natural filter to adapt to scents that are constantly around us, allowing us to focus on any that could pose a potential threat. The issue, however, is that this can mean we’re less able to recognise any offensive odours that linger in our homes. So, it’s important to learn what might be causing bad smells within your home, and how to stop it from happening.

Poor ventilation can trap smells and moisture

It may seem like an obvious place to start but opening your windows for even a few minutes will help clear out any musty air and encourage air circulation. There is no ‘right amount’ that your rooms should get, but aim for at least five minutes daily. Learn more about how to deal with musty smells in the home .

Opening the window can also help prevent moisture build-up, which can be a problem in places that are cold and wet such as the bathroom or kitchen. Moisture and humidity can cause mould and mildew, which in turn can cause a damp smell. Make sure there’s a good ventilation system in your bathroom, kitchen and any other problematic areas of your home to help prevent this, or invest in a dehumidifier.

The plumbing and pipes might hide smells

Is there an unmistakable bathroom smell lingering in your home? If so, you may have a sewer issue, such as a clogged pipe or an unused shower or sink. Make sure to check for leaks and cracks in your bathroom on a regular basis, and keep rarely used showers or sinks functional by pouring a glass of water into the drain every few weeks. [1]

You might also want to check the drain and pipes in your dishwasher or washing machine. Dishwashers can collect leftover bits of food, while moisture can get caught in the drawers and seals of washing machines – both of which can cause smelly mould or mildew. Run a dishwasher cleaning cycle regularly to keep the dishwasher clear of food and grease residue, and leave your washing machine door and detergent drawer slightly open after every cycle. [2]

Make sure your pets aren’t contributing to the bad odours

Your furry family members can get smelly, and even the most well-trained pets can have accidents. If you have pets, you can buy an inexpensive black light from most pet shops to spot and then treat urine traces that show up under the fluorescent lighting. Vacuum regularly to get rid of hair, and clean the spots where they sleep and eat.

Watch out for smells coming from your bins

While having large bins in your home means you won’t need to empty them each day, this can result in a build-up of waste that can bring smells into your home. Consider downsizing your bins, and empty them on a regular basis. Don’t forget to periodically clean the insides of your bins, including the lid.

Your carpets and walls can hold onto smells

Your carpets and walls absorb bad smells over time, so they shouldn’t be overlooked. Vacuum your carpet regularly to lift any lingering smells and try to give your walls a wash every year or so. A fresh lick of paint never hurts either!

How to make your house smell good

Once you’ve sorted out the main sources of the bad smells in your home, the next step is to neutralise any remaining odours that might seep through. Our Air Wick Aerosol Sprays are a great house odour eliminator, providing the perfect way to get rid of odours in seconds, as well as provide a long-lasting fragrance that will brighten your home and bring a welcoming touch in an instant.

For areas that are prone to bad smells, you may want to keep something that’s permanently ‘on’. Our Air Wick Automatic Sprays will continuously work to keep that area refreshed with fragrance for up to 70 days, neutralising odours through the air freshener dispenser. Whether you want to place it on a wall, shelf or cupboard, simply choose your fragrance level and let it do its thing.

Another way to keep your home smelling good at all times is to define its personality and tell its unique scent story with Air Wick Plug-Ins. Simply put one in any area of your home that you want to accent with amazing fragrance – with refills that last up to 100 days on the minimum setting. In fact, our room guides offer scent recommendations for every room in your home, whether that’s your kitchenliving roombedroom or elsewhere.

No matter how nice your home is, smell is a very powerful sense – and can take over other senses if you are dealing with bad odours. Once you have followed our steps to eliminating and neutralising the smells within your home, enjoy experimenting with all your favourite home fragrances to find the perfect one to complement your space. Explore our full fragrance range to find your favourite today.