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How to get rid of bad kitchen smells

How to get rid of bad kitchen smells

Many people see the kitchen as the heart of the home – and for good reason, too. From cooking meals to having conversations and entertaining guests, it’s somewhere that we spend a lot of time. It’s therefore natural that you’ll want to know how to make your kitchen smell good, from what fragrances to use to how to keep it staying fresh. 

Why scents matter in the kitchen

With so much going on in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to cooking, smells can start to surface and stick around if we don’t give our kitchen the upkeep that it needs. Keeping your kitchen smelling its best means understanding the best approach to tackling specific smells.

How to get rid of kitchen smells

Regular upkeep is a must in any kitchen if you want to keep it clean, sanitised and smelling fresh. With lots of chopping, preparing and cooking going on, the kitchen is prone to lots of foodborne germs. Maintenance is needed not just to keep bad odours at bay, but for your safety, too. The secret? Act fast with the following tips:

  • Open a window: Any chance that you get, crack open your window to give the room some much-welcomed ventilation and to keep the kitchen smelling fresh.
  • Use your extractor:When you’re cooking, make sure you turn on the extractor fan. This is one of the best ways to battle those pesky, overpowering food smells.
  • Dirty dishes:When there’s dishes in the sink, clean them immediately, and when the dishwasher’s full, turn it on that day. This will prevent any bad smells sticking around for longer than they need to.
  • Clean your drains: Kitchen drains get a lot of use during the day, so to remove smells from the sink drain, make sure to clean it regularly. Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain or opt for a good drain cleaner to remove any leftover debris and banish pungent kitchen sink smells.
  • Scrub your surfaces:When you’ve spilt food or drink on surfaces, scrub them clean so that there’s no residue left to rot, smell or put your safety at risk.
  • Take the bins out:This one may seem obvious but remember to take your bins out regularly as they are a huge source of bad smells within your kitchen.
  • Fridge maintenance:Once a week, check your fridge for any food that’s gone off and if so, get rid of it right away. Cleaning it out every now and again will also help.
  • Clean your microwave: Your microwave can often be neglected in your regular cleaning routine. This may result in a smelly microwave. Make sure to give it a weekly wipe down to ensure it doesn’t start to stink.


How to get rid of cooking smells

As well as general approach to keeping your kitchen smelling its best, a smart way to get rid of cooking smells is to know how and what will neutralize specific odours. We’ve got some tips to battle some common cooking smells:

  • Fish: Say goodbye to fish smells by setting a bowl of white vinegar out overnight. Thanks to the acetic acid, it’ll deodorise your house by absorbing those unwanted smells.
  • Garlic or onions: Fight the distinctive smell of onions or garlic by brewing some coffee or boiling some lemons on the stove. This will help neutralise any lingering smells, replacing them with a much more refreshing scent.
  • Meaty smells: Similar to white vinegar, baking soda is renowned for its deodorising properties. Pour some in little bowls or plates and distribute these around the kitchen to banish those unwanted scents.


The Air Wick products perfect for your kitchen

While these are the some of the traditional ways to get rid of bad kitchen odours, you can make life even easier – and ensure your kitchen smells even better – by tackling odours using a wide range of Air Wick products. Don’t want to have to prepare bowls to leave out overnight? With Air Wick, just a few quick sprays will make all the difference.

Here’s how you can use one of our signature products to turn your kitchen into the most inviting room in your house:

Use an automatic spray to define your kitchen’s personality

Your kitchen is a special place, so it shouldn’t just look good but smell good, too – and an Air Wick Automatic Spray is one way to achieve that. Your kitchen goes through so many scent cycles depending on what’s cooking throughout the day, so it helps to have something that can define your kitchen’s personality and provide a consistent, long-lasting fragrance in the home. The Automatic Spray also allows you to control its scent intensity – so depending on what’s been cooking that the day, you can simply turn it up or lower it down!

Light a candle for those special mealtimes

We all love a sit-down dinner around the table every now and again, and what better way to set the mood than with a candle? Our Air Wick candles not only create a warm, welcoming environment, but they also add an uplifting fragrance to your kitchen that makes any mealtime that little bit more memorable. You can view our whole range of candles here.

Once you’ve absorbed any overpowering smells, you’ll want to make sure your kitchen is fresh and welcoming. This is where Air Wick aerosols come in handy. As well as eliminating any unpleasant lingering odours, it injects the freshness of nature into your home in seconds. Opt for Fresh Berries or Crisp Linen & Lilac Aerosol to make your kitchen smell great in no time.

The kitchen is a huge part of your home, so it’s no wonder you want it to feel welcoming for you and your guests. That can’t happen if it always smells of cooking fumes or of food left too long, so it’s important to know how to get rid of these smells and how to keep them from coming back. Enjoy our wide range of Air Wick products, perfect for a kitchen that smells consistently fresh, no matter the occasion!