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The Mint Fragrance Range

The Mint Fragrance Range

Cleanse and cool the air with a refreshing blast of mint fragrance. This rejuvenating scent will breathe life into your space and create an instantly uplifting feel. 

Invigorating your space with mint scent

The clean, clarifying scent of mint is one of the best ways to refresh and revitalise your home. From peppermint to spearmint and wild mint, all can ‘wake up’ a space, stimulate the air and perhaps even put a pep in your step.

That’s why mint makes a lively addition to any room. Thanks to its energising properties, it’s best-placed in those rooms you want to bring to life, freshen and revitalise. This makes it a must-have for your bedroom in the morning, as well as the likes of your living room, home office, and bathroom.

Making the most of mint across a range of products

Our wide range of products allow you to make use of mint fragrance in many ways. Why not light a mint candle for an instant boost, or use a mint diffuser for continuously cool, crisp air circulated throughout the day?