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Air Fresheners

Spray for instant freshness

Invigorate your home with an instant burst of fresh fragrance with Air Wick Air Freshener

Air Freshener

Refresh and invigorate any space with Instant Spray air fresheners from Air Wick.

Release the freshness of nature into your home. Air Wick Instant Sprays eliminate odours to give a long lasting fragrance to brighten your home and bring a welcoming touch in an instant.

Neutralise Unpleasant Odours

Air Wick Pure Aerosol neutralises odours without wet spray fallout and leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance experience.

How To Use

Freshening your home has never been easier. Just hold the can upright and pull the trigger for an instant burst of fresh fragrance

When should you use Air Wick Aerosol?

Use our sprays to eliminate unpleasant odours from your bathroom or kitchen with a burst of fresh fragrance.