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Air Fresheners

Scented room sprays for a fresher home:

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, our homes serve as a place for relaxation and tranquillity. We understand the importance of maintaining a fresh and pleasant-smelling home. An air freshener spray or aerosol can help you do just that. Here, we’ll explore the wonders of these products, with helpful tips and expert advice on their many benefits, how to use them properly and which fragrance options are available to transform your home’s scent.

The different types of room fresheners:

If you’re looking to maintain a fresh and inviting home environment, then using a scented room spray is a great way to achieve this. Whether you’re dealing with lingering cooking smells, pet odours or simply want to freshen up your space.

Room air freshener spray:

The Air Wick aerosol spray line is designed to neutralise odours and provide an instant burst of fresh fragrance in your home. With many popular fragrances to choose from, including Crisp Linen and Lilac and Fresh Berries, you can find a scent to match your home perfectly.

Air freshener room sprays:

If you’re looking for an aerosol-free option, then the Air Wick Active Fresh line can be used to freshen your home. The formula is free from propellants and dyes, infused with essential oils and includes x2 odour-neutralising technology. There are four long-lasting fragrances available, Eucalyptus and Freesia, Fresh Cotton, Jasmine Bouquet and Raspberry and Lime.

How to use a room spray:

Hold the can or bottle upright and pull the trigger to disperse the fragrance. Spray in the centre of the room, aiming for the middle of the space to allow the fragrance to disperse evenly throughout the area.

Avoid spraying directly onto fabrics or surfaces, as it may leave behind residue or cause discolouration. Instead, aim for an open space in the room where the fragrance can circulate freely.

Tips for maximising room freshening sprays:

Unlike automatic options, manual sprays need to be resprayed every so often to continue to provide a fresh fragrance in the home. The frequency of these sprays will depend on the size of the room; larger rooms may require more frequent sprays to maintain a consistent scent, while smaller rooms may need less. Finding the right balance means you can ensure the fragrance lingers without becoming overpowering.

Always-on, long-lasting air fresheners:

An automatic air freshener for your room is a convenient way to continuously control the odour and freshness of your home, particularly in larger rooms and busy areas prone to lingering odours, like kitchens or hallways. Unlike a quick, temporary fix, the Air Wick Active Fresh 24/7 Automatic Spray provides a fresh fragrance infused with natural essential oils that lasts. Each refill lasts up to 70 days*, which is particularly handy for busy family households, and the fragrance intensity can be controlled with three settings.

*based on the lowest setting