Freshen Up Your Home

Scent has a powerful influence in everyone’s life - not only can it help evoke powerful memories but it can also have the ability to affect our mood.

Understandably smells can put you in a range of different moods. You may be put into a bad mood if you notice bad smells around your home, especially if you simply do not have the time to do a deep clean. This does not mean that you cannot get your home smelling and feeling fresh with fragrance, however.

Pure, the latest instant spray aerosol from Air Wick® can help you ensure that no matter what room or what time of day, you can always bring fragrance back into your home. The Pure range of instant sprays is different as there is no added water meaning no wet-fallout, avoiding the undesirable wet mist which traditional aerosols produce. Air Wick® has a wide selection of fragrances, allowing you to change or layer scents according to the occasion, time of year, or weather.

Start your day off right with a citrus boost

Start your day off with the invigorating citrus fragrance of orange and grapefruit with Pure Mediterranean Sun.

Not only does orange possess antidepressant properties to get you feeling uplifted but combined with grapefruit, regardless of how busy the day ahead is looking.

Spicy fragrances have the power to keep us focused

Did you know that cinnamon has the ability to increase your attention span2? The spicy fragrance acts as a stimulant to help fight mental fatigue1 and focus on the task at hand.

If you need to get ‘in the zone’, try the scent of cinnamon to help you focus, which can be found in Pure Mulled Wine.

Use sweet scents to help lift your mood

If you need a midday pick-me-up, try Pure Spun Sugar2.

The sweet fragrance of vanilla can help elevate your mood and increase happiness2. As it is generally a soothing scent, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

End your day calm and stress-free

Getting a good night’s sleep can ultimately help set you up for a good day and going to bed angry, stressed or worried can seriously affect how much sleep you get during the night.

As well as having sleep-inducing properties3, a lavender spray such as Pure Purple Lavender can calm both your body and your mind1 to help you switch off any emotional stress and tension that you may be feeling.

Explore the Air Wick® Pure range of fragrances so you can find the right scent to match your mood. From needing a boost in the morning to helping you relax at night, Air Wick® has the fragrance to help end the day just as positively as you started it.

Let fragrance help you have a great day. Use Air Wick® Pure instant sprays to enhance your mood and deliver fragrance wherever and whenever you need it around the home – without wet-fallout.

See the full range of Pure sprays here.