How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good

Your bathroom is one of the biggest breeding grounds for bacteria in the house, so it’s crucial to keep it as clean as can be. But what many don’t realise, is that a good scrub isn’t the only requirement to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Make sure you know how to neutralise odours in the bathroom, so that it’s a welcoming and inviting place for both you and your family.


Why scents in the bathroom matter?

Bathrooms, unfortunately, can be a place that harbour bad smells. From using the toilet, to grime build up and damp towels left on racks – it’s important to not only keep it clean, but to freshen up your bathroom as frequently as you can. Fortunately for you, Air Wick® has all the tips you need to make your bathroom smell nice.


The best bathroom scents

When it comes to your bathroom, you’ll want scents that are pleasant without being overpowering, as this can be a bad combination for rooms receptive to lots of smells. As well, your bathroom is your sanctuary, so you’ll want to think about those scents that can be used to recreate a fresh, spa-like setting and offer a clean, calming space for you and your family.

Fresh scents: It’s important that your bathroom utilises fresh scents to instantly refresh and rejuvenate, as well as give you that relaxing, spa-like feeling. One way to achieve a light and lovely bathroom scent is with something like Spring Delight, or Honeydew and Cucumber, made from fruity honeydew melon and hints of crisp cucumber.

Linen scents: As mentioned, bathroom scents are well suited to something soft and subtle – and what better way to achieve this than with a linen fragrance? You can get this by using something like a Soft Cotton scent, offering a blend of white flowers and water citruses. Alternatively, Linen and Lilac can bring to life the crisp, cool elegance of fine linen to life, accented with the fragrant touch of wild lilac.

Luxury retreat: Picture this. Your hot bubble bath is ready, and your book is waiting on the side. All that’s missing is a scent that will transport you somewhere tranquil, letting your mind drift away from the real world. Our tropical scents allow you to escape to that lush island oasis during you-time, whether you’re looking for something like Island Mango or Mediterranean Sun.


How to keep your bathroom smelling fresh with Air Wick®

How to keep the toilet smelling fresh

One way to keep your bathroom smelling clean is to maintain toilet odours, which you can do with our V.I.Poo Pre-Poo Toilet Spray. By spraying a few drops in the toilet before you go, you can create a barrier around the bowl so that nasty smells are kept at bay. You can enjoy these in a range of refreshing fragrances, from Fruity Pin Up to Lemon Idol and Lavender Superstar.

Alternatively, you can use our range of Air Wick® Aerosols for a quick fix to eliminate odours, and ensure your bathroom is left smelling its freshest.

How to keep your bathroom consistently fresh

One of the best ways to keep your bathroom smelling nice, is to have an automatic air freshener close by. Our Air Wick® Automatic Spray not only neutralises odours, but release continuous, fresh fragrance throughout the day with no water fall down – just amazing scent. Choose from one of three settings to achieve your desired fragrance level and leave it to get your bathroom smelling as good as a spa.

A bathroom sanctuary…

Essential oils are extracted from plants and can replace bathroom staleness to keep your bathroom smelling fresh naturally. There are plenty of ways that you can use essential oils in your bathroom, but our Air Wick® Reed Diffusers are a sound choice to help create that bathroom sanctuary. They’re not only a stylish touch, perfect for putting on your bathroom shelf, but they will gently spread fragrance around to keep your bathroom smelling consistently fresh for a long period of time.


How to get rid of bad bathroom smells

Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated

This may seem like an obvious one, but one easy route to a good-smelling bathroom is to keep it aired. After a shower or bath, always leave the bathroom fan running, or open your window to give the room a chance to dry out. A bathroom is prone to a lot of condensation, and a room that stays damp will develop mould and a musty-smelling odour, so make sure it’s given the ventilation it needs.


Routinely clean your bathroom

Of course, your bathroom cannot smell clean if it simply isn’t clean. Make sure you tend to all those things that can bring nasty scents, such as cleaning your toilet, shower and sink regularly, and particularly making sure that drains and blockages are treated. The latter is imperative to keeping your bathroom smelling clean as drains can quickly start to give off some not-so-pleasant whiffs!


Also, given the types of things we put in our bathroom bins, these should be emptied often – the likes of used cotton swabs, tissues and other bathroom products should never be left for long.


Freshly laundered towels

Always remember that used bath towels lying around your bathroom will not only collect bacteria, but also cause an unpleasant smell. Always hang up your towels as soon as you’ve used them, allowing them to dry properly so that they don’t develop a dirty odour. And, once you have washed and dried your towels, put them in the proper place in your bathroom for that freshly laundered scent to work its magic.


It’s no secret that a bathroom is prone to bad smells, so knowing how to keep it fresh will do wonders for your own comfort and that of your family. Whether you’re looking for ways to eliminate bad odours in your bathroom, ensure it stays continuously fresh, or even get that spa-treatment feeling – Air Wick® has something for you. And remember, if you’re looking for an extra special way to help you unwind – why not light a candle for some scented chill, too?