The Air Wick® Guide to Seasonal Scents

Each season brings an array of colours and fragrances such as fresh blooms in spring, and autumnal colours in fall. There is no reason you can’t bring the outside, in - recreate your favourite season through scent from the comfort of your own home with Air Wick room fragrances.

What do you associate with the changing seasons?

Air Wick UK - Scents For Different Seasons


When we think of spring, the first images that you will think of are, blue skies, fresh blooming flowers, you may even think of peace and tranquillity. Recreating these feelings inside your home, however, is not an easy task.

To help you welcome in the season you should consider trying to create the atmosphere that you visualise when you think of the seasons changing from winter to the first blooms of spring.

Air Wick fragrances perfect for spring - Floral, Fresh and Lavender

We suggest: Air Wick Freshmatic Compact Complete Pure Spring Delight. Not only quickly eliminates odours with its constantly changing fragrance but also help bring spring into your home with floral scents of freshly-cut grass, spring flowers and country orchard apples.


The sun is out and nature is in full bloom. The cold, harsh weather can feel like a world away as the blazing sun and warmer temperatures are ideal conditions to explore the outdoors with family. Longer days and warmer nights provide the perfect opportunity to create magical memories.

The good weather never seems to last long enough though, so even on rainy days you can help keep the summer sun shining in your home with Air Wick summer scents. 

Air Wick fragrances perfect for recreating and re-experiencing summer - Linen, Tropical, Citrus and Fruity

We suggest: Air Wick Freshmatic Max Refill Life Scents™ Linen in the Air. What better way to bring the sun into your home than using the sunny fragrance with a fresh linen scent to do it? Nothing says warm summer’s day like being able to visualise fresh, crisp white linen blowing in the summer sun.


What is the one thing that everyone can associate with autumn? The moment leaves start changing colour, turning a shade of red, golden and brown as they start to fall from the trees and crunch under our feet. You do not have to live in a woodland to experience the fresh smell that they bring. Why not take this opportunity to change fragrance and become closer with nature.

Air Wick fragrances perfect for recreating autumn – Gourmet and Outdoor

We suggest: Air Wick Freshmatic Max Refill Life Scents™ Spring Forest Walk. Wrap yourself up in the scent of blackberries, dewy leaves and wild herbs, it is definitely fitting for this season of change.

But if you are a food-lover then you may want to opt for Air Wick Wax Melts Starter Kit Life Scents™ Mum's Baking. The colder months see people coming together for richer foods that they know are going to be both warm and filling. With Life Scents®, Mom’s Baking is almost brought to real life with the constant changing rotation of baked pear, pie crust and vanilla.


As we enter winter the turtlenecks and scarves are out in full force as the temperature drops. Winter is a time to be huddled up inside in the warmth with the ones you love. You don’t need to be outside in the chill if you want to experience the scents that come with winter. If you are having guests over, Air Wick has the perfect set of festive fragrances that can help wrap you up in a blanket of warm, joyous scents. 

Air Wick® fragrances perfect for recreating winter, without the winter chill – Spicy and Outdoor

We suggest: Air Wick Wax Melts Starter Kit Life Scents™ Mum's Baking. Life Scents® is the first constantly changing fragrance that allows you to experience fragrance that acts like real life. Help create a welcoming atmosphere with this fragrance and the layers of spiced apples, warm vanilla essence and the scent of pastry crust.