Reed Diffusers FAQs

1. What is included in the Air Wick Reed diffuser pack?

The Air Wick Reed diffuser pack contains a no-spill glass container, fragrance and natural rattan stems. The size of pack ranges from 25ml to 50ml.

2. What is the benefit of the Reed diffuser?

Air Wick Reed Diffuser uses natural rattan stems to delicately diffuse wonderful fragrances. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with its natural fragrance experience and elegant design.

3. Where should you put the Reed diffuser?

You can place the Reed Diffuser anywhere in your home and the natural rattan stems will release Air Wick’s Aqua essences fragrances. We suggest you keep your room diffuser away from heat, and on a flat surface out of the reach of children.

4. What fragrances are available?

Air Wick Reed Diffusers are available in a range of fragrances and styles. Please visit <sitemap section 2.5> to explore all our products and fragrances.