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How to infuse essential oils into your daily routine

How to infuse essential oils into your daily routine

Essential oils are often viewed as a way to create a relaxing atmosphere at the end of a long day. With good reason, too. The likes of lavender and cedarwood are considered to have soothing qualities that make them effective all-natural remedies for improving sleep. 

But what about the rest of the day? Here, we explore how you can infuse essential oils throughout your day and enjoy their benefits regardless of the time or occasion.

Essential oils for an upbeat morning

The crisp and uplifting aroma of peppermint can be a great choice when you’re looking to create an energising atmosphere on a dreary morning. While you can simply use a peppermint essential oil diffuser to create an energised atmosphere, you can also use it during your morning workout to enjoy the lively feel that peppermint offers. In fact, a small 2013 study found that peppermint oil is effective for preventing fatigue and improving exercise performance [1].

There was also a 2016 study that found the smelling sweet orange and spearmint oils could improve athletic performance[2], so you’re spoiled for choice if you want to accompany a workout with essential oils.

When it’s time to work or study, research has indicated that there are also oils that can help here. A 2016 study on mice indicated that spearmint oil mixed with rosemary oil had beneficial effects on learning and memory[3]. Stay energised and attentive while working with the help of rosemary essential oils. A 2018 study on school children indicated that rosemary could help with focus and memory[4], which means these oils could set the stage for your most productive work yet!

Essential oils for the afternoon

So, you’re energised after a workout and have been at your most productive while working or studying. Sounds like you’re having quite the day, but if you’re in danger of falling victim to the mid-afternoon slump, lemon or citrus scents can help lift the mood. Sharp citrus fragrances can not only restore energy but also revitalise the space around you [5], especially during the winter months when there’s less natural light.

Essential oils for a relaxed evening

How do you top off a productive day? If date night is on the cards, then adding jasmine to your diffuser could be the perfect way to create a sensual and alluring ambience. The sweet smell of jasmine is widely used in the cosmetics industry and is often associated with romance. The Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser in Peony & Jasmine could be the ideal choice for setting the mood, producing a fragrant mist that will evenly disperse around the room for a naturally pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

When it’s time to drift off to sleep, jasmine can even help here too, as can fragrances like lavender and cedarwood. They’re considered to have soothing qualities that make them particularly useful as all-natural remedies for improving sleep.[6]. Cedarwood is also thought to reduce the likes of anxiety and stress, as well as acting as a natural sedative for sleeping, which means it’s considered beneficial for occasional insomnia. [7]

The Air Wick Essential Mist Diffuser

So how best do you go about enjoying the benefits of essential oils throughout the day? If you want something that is compact and portable, opt for our Essential Mist Diffuser. It is battery operated so you can move it around the house and has adjustable frequency settings so you can tailor the settings to suit your needs. Plus, it’s easy to use so you can insert your chosen essential oil without the mess and the stress. This makes it even simpler to enjoy the full benefits of essential oils at any time of the day.