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Why does my bedroom smell in the morning?

Why does my bedroom smell in the morning?

There’s no better feeling than waking up feeling rested and refreshed in the morning. But if this moment of bliss is quickly cut short by an unpleasant smell wafting your way, it might be time for an investigation. If your bedroom smells in the morning, there could be a host of reasons for it – from a simple problem of poor ventilation or infrequently washed sheets to wider and more dangerous concerns such as mould in your bedroom or issues with your own health. 

We’ve gathered together a few reasons why your bedroom might be smelling bad in the morning alongside some tips for keeping your bedroom smelling clean and fresh all the way through to the morning.

Why is there a musty smell in my bedroom?

Keeping your bedroom smelling fresh into the morning means tracking down the source of that musty smell before you go to bed. Below are some of the most common reasons why your bedroom might stink in the morning.

There may be mould and mildew growing in your room

Mould and mildew growing in your bedroom can release a musty smell. They can also be potentially dangerous, affecting your ability to breathe or causing respiratory illnesses, allergies or asthma. [1]

There are quite a few reasons why mould and mildew might form in your room, and several places you’ll need to check for them. They could form because of leaking pipes in the wall or under the floor (particularly if there’s a bathroom next to your bedroom), a leaking roof with water seeping into the ceiling, or because your carpets or rugs are getting wet. If you have pets, even the most well-trained ones can have accidents – which could then seep into the carpet. [2]

How to stop mould and mildew from causing a bad bedroom smell

Check for mould or mildew within your walls, along your windowsills, under carpets, inside closets or laundry baskets, in potted plants and on your ceiling. Look out for spots that seem to look wet with condensation or paint or wallpaper that looks irregular or bumpy. [3]

While wider issues with leaks will take longer to fix, one of the easiest ways to stop mould and mildew growing in your room is keeping it ventilated. Open your bedroom windows for at least 10 minutes every day to give the room a burst of freshness, and try to keep it slightly open overnight too to let the air flow (just a crack will do). Take it a step further with an Air Wick Aerosol and fill your bedroom with the fresh scents of Spring Delight or Soft Cotton.

You may have dirty laundry or rugs

If you keep your laundry hamper uncovered in your bedroom, it could be the source of that musty smell that greets you in the morning. Keeping dirty or sweaty clothes in a laundry basket or hamper helps keep them away from unworn, clean clothes, but make sure it has a lid or is put away overnight. Try to do laundry regularly so those clothes don’t start to pile up. [4]

You’ll also want to check any rugs you might have in your bedroom. They can accumulate dirt and dust over time, causing bacteria to grow and give off an odour. Try to keep your carpets and rugs as clean and dry as possible, vacuum them weekly, wash them regularly if possible, and replace rugs every 6-8 years. [2]

You might be keeping food or drink in your room

Whether you’re winding down with popcorn and a movie or indulging in a hot chocolate before bed, eating and drinking in bed could be the cause of that musty smell in your bedroom. Food and drink spills, leftovers and crumbs could all contribute to smells accumulating in your room. Check under your bed, your mattress and within your covers for any spilled food, and return plates and bowls to the kitchen as soon as you’re done to avoid the smell of leftovers lingering in the morning.

You may have body odour issues or bad breath

As we sleep, our bodies naturally shed skin cells, secrete natural oils and may lightly sweat – although some people may sweat more than normal. [5] If you’re sweating a lot at night, it could also mean bacteria is building up overnight, leaving an unpleasant smell to wake up to in the morning.

Our bedsheets and mattresses often bear the brunt of this. Frequently washing your bedsheets – at least every two weeks – can help if you find your bedroom stinks in the morning. You might also want to replace your mattress if you’ve had it for a long time.

Bad breath could also be the cause of a musty smell in your room in the morning, particularly if your room is quite small and you like to sleep with both the door and window closed. Practising good oral hygiene can help here, as well as keeping your room well-ventilated. [2]

Wake up to a fresh bedroom scent with Air Wick

Hopefully our tips above will help you wake up every morning in a fresh, clean-smelling bedroom. But, if nothing else works, an Air Wick Automatic Spray can help you introduce a fresh scent into your bedroom no matter what. The Automatic Sprays provides a bust of fresh fragrances so your bedroom will always smell great, whether you opt for the freshness of Linen in the Air or the nature-inspired Turquoise Oasis.