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Best car freshener air scents

Best car freshener air scents

It’s a common problem – you step out of your immaculately clean home and into your car, only to be greeted with the less-than-fresh smell of a car. Musty cars are unwelcoming, clammy and stuffy and can be a major source of embarrassment when giving lifts to friends.

Luckily, we’ve collated these useful tips and tricks to get you on the road towards banishing bad odours and replicating that crisp, new car fragrance for a more pleasant driving experience.

Clean your AC unit

While it’s generally a good idea to stop by the car wash every so often for a full-body soak, even industrial grills and brushes won’t get into the nooks and crannies of your car. Dirt, debris and moisture can easily accumulate in your air vents, becoming a breeding ground for mould and mildew. These fungi release gases known as microbial volatile organic compounds (or MVOCs) when they exhale, which can lead to a strong, musty smell that is particularly pungent when you turn the air conditioning on. [1] Use a cotton bud or foam paintbrush to delve into your car vents and expel anything that might be trapped there.

If the unpleasant odour in your car is more reminiscent of your old school gym changing rooms, it might be related to your cabin air filter. Dirty or clogged cabin air filters – as well as the bacteria they harbour – are a major cause of sweaty smells, so make sure you replace them regularly to keep things fresh and create a more pleasant and harmonious environment. [2]

Invest in specific air fresheners

Car air fresheners have been a staple for drivers around the world ever since they were first invented by Canadian chemist Julius Sämann in the form of Little Trees back in 1952. [4] Nowadays, there is a huge variety available - from traditional hanging air fresheners to more sophisticated diffusers. When choosing an air freshener, you want to make sure you’re eliminating, rather than masking, any nasty odours. One of the best ways to do this is to opt for car fragrances that have been tailored towards specific passengers or situations.

For pet owners, the best car air freshener is a more natural, non-toxic solution such as activated charcoal. This odour eliminator can be bought in bags and works like a porous sponge – absorbing pet odour and moisture particles from the air so they can’t cling to surfaces. If you want to add a touch of instant freshness, Air Wick Aerosol will eliminate odours to give a lasting fragrance that you’ll love.  

Air Wick UK have a variety of car air fresheners suitable for all vehicles that deliver a gentle burst of fragrance, while neutralising unwanted odours. Choose from summery floral aromas like Flower Blossom or plunge yourself into a pool of freshness with Coastal Breeze. Or choose from our wider range of fragrances so you can switch it up as your mood or the season changes. Our other popular fragrances include Zesty Citrus and Breeze. 

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