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How to aim to be eco-conscious with Air Wick?

How to aim to be eco-conscious with Air Wick?

The importance of protecting the planet is never far from the headlines, which is why people are increasingly looking at how their individual choices can add up to make a big difference. At Air Wick, we wanted to make it possible to for people to aim to take an eco-conscious approach to creating fragrant homes. Whether it’s using our responsibly sourced products or getting involved with our campaigns, here’s how you can aim to be eco-conscious with Air Wick.

Botanica – responsibly sourced natural ingredients

Our Botanica range of products isn’t just inspired by nature, but also forms part of our commitment to protecting it.

As a result, whenever you buy a Botanica product, you can be rest assured that the fragrances – whether mint or lavender – have been responsibly sourced.

Equally, they contain no dyes or phthalates – which can leak and harm the environment – while packaging on the range’s sprays is made of up to 99% recycled plastic.

That means that when it comes to creating an incredible fragrance in your home in a more environmentally conscious way, opting for our Botanica range could be a great option.

Recycling across our product range

Because we understand that living more sustainably is so important for our customers and the planet, we have taken steps to make more of our products recyclable.

We’ve also included concise instructions on the pack explaining how you can responsibly dispose of products when you’re finished with them, creating a more responsible way to fragrance your home. This ensures you’re fully informed about how to recycle products with different requirements. Our products with electrical components, for instance, should go to a Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling centre, whereas our glass products can go in regular glass recycling.

So, if you want to use Air Wick products to create a more fragrant, environmentally conscious home, you’ll be able to recycle most product packaging and find instructions about the correct way to do so.

Join our wildflower campaign with the WWF

Alongside using our responsibly sourced products and disposing of them in a more environmentally conscious way, getting involved in our campaigns is a great way to be eco-conscious with Air Wick.

One example is our ‘Let’s Bring Nature Back’ campaign in partnership with WWF. As a nation, we’ve collectively lost more than 97% of our British wildflower meadows since 1930, which is why we launched this campaign to restore some of our beautiful meadows and grasslands to their former splendour.

Wildflowers form a critical part of the UK’s natural biodiversity, conserving wildlife by supporting a range of insects and pollinators. In recognition of this importance, we’ve responded with our pledge to restore 20 million square feet of wildflower habitats in the UK as part of a three-year plan, running from 2021-2023.

We’re also looking for as many people as possible to get involved, so we’ve put together some handy tips on how to grow wildflowers from your own home. While not everyone has access to a garden, it’s still possible to grow your own mini meadow. This includes turning an old Botanica candle into a planter that can be placed on your windowsill, or even creating a bee bath using a shallow dish.

Whether you’re helping us raise awareness, able to get actively involved in our campaign, opting for our most responsibly sourced products, or recycling your packaging, we hope you can be eco-conscious with Air Wick in a way that suits you.