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Christmas Smells Like…



Is there anything better than scents that tell us the holiday season is coming? There are so many fragrances that give strong sensory associations of Christmas, from cranberry to candy-cane-mint to cinnamon. Not to mention the fresh smell of a festive tree in the home (and hopefully with the added bonus of presents underneath!)


These scents conjure a feeling of merriment so it’s no wonder we would want our home to smell like Christmas all year round. We’ve got some pointers to help you do just that.



One way to bring the scents of Christmas into your home is to use essential oils that evoke the memories of the holiday season. You can use essential oils in many ways, from simply lighting an essential oil candle to diffusing it through a reed diffuser or an essential mist diffuser. Here are some common scents that are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit:


Peppermint: Peppermint is a delightful scent all year round, but there is something about it that can transport us straight to the festive season. From candy canes hanging on the tree to peppermint chocolate (often devoured at Christmas!), it’s a cool scent reminiscent of the frosty weather outside. In fact, peppermint essential oil is thought to be rejuvenating and boost your energy levels.[1]


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is the perfect scent to reflect the cosiness and warmth of the winter season. It’s a spice that is synonymous with Christmas – whether it’s a stick in your steaming mug of hot chocolate, baked into warm breads or within the merriest of festive treats – a minced pie!


Orange: Orange is perhaps less obvious, but the fruit is a symbol of the season, nonetheless. From oranges left in Christmas stockings to spiced orange accompanied with cinnamon to make up the warm aroma of mulled wine – they’re a Christmas tradition. As an essential oil, a fruity orange scent instantly lifts the mood during those long winter nights.


Ginger: From gingerbread lattes to gingerbread men – it’s in all the things we love, particularly in December. That glorious just-out-the-oven smell of warm baked treats and sweet, buttered goods is one that is sure to make us feel jolly. It’s a spice that’s used not just in baking, but in Christmas cake and other dishes, too.



Nothing tops the smell of a Christmas tree when it comes to a festive aroma, and you can bring the outside in with essential oils. Below are some of the most common essential oils that smell like a Christmas tree:


Pine trees: Use pine essential oil to bring an evergreen scent into your home. Why not further accent your home by making a wreath from fir branches and pinecones and hanging it on your front door for everyone to see?


Cedarwood: Bring Christmas to your home with the warm and enchanting scent of cedarwood. Its rich, woody scent is cosy and inviting, and is the ideal accompaniment to a warm blanket and your favourite Christmas film. Be warned though – cedarwood essential oil is proven to act as a sedative so you might not catch the end of your film! Perfect for the little ones who are awake in anticipation for Santa, a dash of cedarwood essential oil and a warming mug of hot chocolate might be just the trick to encourage a good night’s sleep.[2]



At Air Wick®, we love Christmas and are always coming up with ways to bring the joyous fragrances of the festive season to your home. Look out for limited edition scents that we release during the holiday period each year, putting you in the spirit for this truly special time!