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The best scented candles for a cosy living room

The best scented candles for a cosy living room

Your living room is one of the best places in your home to relax, unwind and put your feet up. One way that you can elevate your living room to create a truly warm and cosy environment is by creating an atmosphere through scent. Whether you’d love an autumnal ambience or prefer spa-like tranquillity, an effective way to introduce both comforting fragrances and romantic lighting is with a perfumed candle. We’ve compiled a list of the best scented fragrances to create just the right atmosphere in your living room. 

Warm vanilla fragrances

Vanilla is a member of the orchid family and is a native of South and Central America. It’s been treasured across the ages for its calming properties, by the Totonacs of Mexico’s coast to the Aztecs[1]. Due to its creamy yet delicately sweet scent, vanilla can often evoke memories of enjoying delicious baked goods. It’s a good addition to a variety of foods and other home products because of its calming properties and because this popular scent has actually been proven to elevate the feeling of joy and relaxation[2].

The Air Wick® Scented Candle White Vanilla Bean is the perfect addition to any living room to create a cosy, comforting atmosphere. They release a gentle fragrance around the room that you can enjoy for hours as you snuggle on your couch.

A touch of lavender

Lavender has long been synonymous with relaxation due to its ability to invoke a sense of peace and to release tension. This heady floral fragrance is ideal for enveloping yourself in after a long day’s work, helping soothe anxious thoughts and thoroughly unwind before bed[3].

Enjoyable all year round, the Air Wick Purple Lavender Meadow Scented Candle is an easy way to give yourself the rest you deserve. Plus, its stylish design adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Spicy, fruity scents

Incorporating a hint of nature into your home is a great way to transform any room into a warm, inviting environment that can match every season of the year.

With a large collection of the best smelling candles that use a combination of fruit and spice scents, Air Wick® can add a cosy feeling to any living room. Explore scents such as the festive Apple and Cinnamonwhich are perfect for the colder months. If you want something that you can enjoy during spring, the sweet scent of Melon and Ylang Ylang will complement the warmer seasons.

What are the perks of opting for a fruit scented candle? It’s not just in eating them that you can enjoy their health benefits. Research has suggested that smelling the scent of apples can help control feelings of anxiety during stressful moments[4]. Apples and other fruity comfort scents are the perfect fragrance to mark the end of a busy day and the start of a good relaxation and unwind session in your living room.