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Creating the Perfect Ambience for Any Occasion


No matter your style or preference, fragrance gives distinct identity to homes of all shapes and sizes. We could often underestimate the power of scent in the home. Our smell receptors are directly connected to the limbic system (our most ancient and primitive part of the brain), which is thought to be responsible for the emotions we feel. For that reason fragrance can have dramatic effects on anyone who sets foot through your door, whether that be calming or invigorating - the choice is yours.

Getting your home ready for company doesn’t just mean getting rid of the clutter. Different fragrances can have different effects on mood[2], but pairing the occasion to the perfect scent can be overlooked.


Have you ever considered changing your home fragrance to match the occasion? Air Wick has a wide range of fragrances to suit any occasion. Here are a few examples of where scent can add that finishing touch and enrich whatever you have planned.


Fragrance to create the mood: Gourmand

Although you may spend time together as a family on a regular basis, you may not have ever considered creating a mood for it. During the colder months you may want to use warm fragrances to create a cosy environment for your loved ones, and any guests that come round ensuring your home is welcoming.


Gourmet fragrances such as Air Wick® Mum's Baking are good for family gatherings, especially around the festive season.


Having Friends Over

Fragrance to create the mood: Fresh

Inspired by the natural world, fragrances that fall under this category could help ensure that your home smells clean and inviting. Whether you are having a long overdue catch up over lunch or going through old school photos, there’s nothing quite like being able to sit with friends, reminiscing on shared memories. You’re in good company with Air Wick® Lush Hideaway as you let the light scent of a summer breeze wash over you.


When You Are Feeling Worn Out or Run Down

Fragrance to help lift the mood: Lemon / Citrus

Citrus scents such as lemon can help bring sunshine into your home whist creating an uplifting and invigorating atmosphere[3]. Sharp citrus fragrances can help restore energy and revitalise the space around you[4], especially in the times of the year where there is less light in the days.


Experience the invigorating scent of Air Wick® Mediterranean Sun, and transport yourself to the shores of the Mediterranean.


A Relaxing Evening In

Fragrance to create the mood: Lavender

No matter what you do on a day to day basis, being able to go home and unwind after a busy day is something that many people long for. Lavender is generally associated with relaxing[5], so if you want to create a stress-free environment that relieves tension and depression[6][7], this could be the perfect fragrance choice.


Birthday Surprise

Fragrance to create the mood: Fruity

Another year has come around and it’s time to celebrate. Birthdays are an excuse to spoil the ones that mean the most to you. Try a fragrance that can match the bright, uplifting environment such as Life Scents Summer Delights. Bring home the scents of summer with the aroma of sweet melon, delicate florals and notes of vanilla, without ever leaving your living room.


The Festive Period

Fragrance to create the mood: Festive, Holiday, Spicy

At a time for socialising with close friends and family, a warm and comforting scent is needed. Around this time of year there is no shortage of spiced candles to create the festive ambience. Why not ensure your home is smelling warm and inviting throughout the festive season by using Air Wick® Life Scents® Mulled Wine by the fire with the Freshmatic® device, which can provide up to 60 days of continuous fragrance on minimum setting.