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How to create an atmosphere


When it comes to creating an atmosphere in your home, it helps to see your space as a blank canvas – from the colours we use, to the materials, furniture, and décor that we design it with. As for the finishing touches, you should never overlook what difference a home fragrance can make to your place.


Why? Well, our smell receptors are directly connected to the limbic system, which means scent can be connected to emotions, memories, and more. For that reason, scent is a significant tool within your space when used as a sort of scented décor – adding personality, expressing emotion and setting a scene –for both you and your guests. Here’s how to make atmosphere with Air Wick®, no matter your unique scent story.


One of the best ways to work with scent is to think about the way you want yourself or others to feel when they enter that space. There are some scents that are specifically associated with stimulating emotions, and these can be a great place to start to get the mood and setting right within your home.


Turn it up: If you’re wanting to bring a boost to your home, then there a few scents known to add something stimulating to the air. Citrus scents can be very uplifting, so try something like lemon, lime or wild orange to bring a sharp, revitalising touch to your space. As well as this, peppermint is thought to put a pep in your step, so if you’re wanting something to re-energise a room and recalibrate your concentration (perhaps in the home office?) give this a go!


Turn it down: If you’re looking for something that will bring a sense of relaxation to your home, lavender scents are particularly handy for their soothing and stress-relieving properties. If lavender isn’t a scent you love, the likes of cedarwood is thought to have a calming effect too, with some even saying it can act as a natural sedative for sleep patterns. Both are perfect for the bedroom, or even the living room if you want to bring about a calm, sanctuary-like state.



Another way to approach ambience is to alter the mood of a story with scent, based on your occasion. For example, the scent that you want for a quiet night in, is likely to differ from the scent that you would want for a celebration.


The ‘something for everyone’ scent. Whether you just prefer a neutral smell, or you’re having friends or family over – if you want something for everyone, go with fresh fragrances. Inspired by subtlety, fragrances that fall under this category can help to ensure your home smells clean, inviting and importantly – appealing to all.


A celebratory surprise. If you’re trying to inject some positivity into the air for a celebration, why not create this with your scent? Try a fragrance that can match the bright, uplifting atmosphere of the day with a fruity fragrance in our range?


A relaxing night in. No matter what you do on a day to day basis, being able to go home and unwind after a busy day is something that many people long for. Lavender is loved by many for its relaxing properties, so if you want to create a soothing and stress-free environment, consider bringing this scent into your space.


The festive period. At a time for socialising with close friends and family, a warm and comforting scent is welcomed. And, around this time of year there is no shortage of Air Wick® to create the festive ambience. Why not ensure your home is smelling warm and inviting throughout the festive season by using signature fragrances such as mulled wine or apple and cinnamon?



Another way that we can create an atmosphere, is to let the places we love inspire us. For some people, happiness is their winter walks, or their favourite summer holiday. What could be better than bringing in scents that transport us to these times and mimic the emotions that they made us feel?


A walk in the forest: To recreate that setting of walks in the wood, look to those woodsy scents like sandalwood, cedarwood and pinewood. Air Wick have a range of outdoor fragrances, that bring the wonders of your walks to you.


A sunny beach holiday: If you’re looking to evoke memories of sunny holidays gone by, look to scents. Use one of our fresh scents (like Fresh Water Breeze or Turquoise Oasis) to restore the calm of the sea, and bring in those beachy, tropical vibes with such as Island Mango, or Mediterranean Sun.


Exotic travels: Air Wick®’s brand new Botanica range focuses on bringing the outdoors to you, using a collection of exotic fragrance pairings that bring the essence of nature into your home. So, no matter where your travels have taken you, find something that sets it free in your home – from Fresh Pineapple & Tunisian Rosemary, to Vanilla & Himalayan Magnolia or French Lavender & Honey Blossom.


The power of scent is paramount when it comes to setting the mood in your home and telling your scent story. To create the perfect atmosphere, our Air Wick® candles specialise in creating a warm, welcoming environment and provide the perfect finishing touch to any occasion. If you’d prefer to go without a flame, the Air Wick® Essential Mist Diffuser is made to be elegant in design, while enhancing any setting by surrounding you and your guests with a natural fragrance you’ll love. Simply pick your favourite scent and you’re good to go!