Air Wick Freshmatic AutoSpray Kit Honeydew & Cucumber

Experience the pure freshness of a delicious island cocktail made from watery honeydew melon and hints of crisp cucumber.

Product Features

  • No added water
  • Neutralises odours
  • Just fragrance, no wet spray
  • Continuous freshness for up to 60 days

Product Description

Let your mind drift away and enjoy the breathtaking views from Maui Beach. Watch the sparkling waves break as the tropical blend of juicy mangoes and fresh peach linger in the air. Thanks to their special formula, these Air Wick Automatic Sprays contain no added water, so they neutralise odours without that wet spray that often showers you after you've sprayed an aerosol. Instead, they simply diffuse the gorgeous scent around your home.

Before inserting this aerosol refill check that your automatic device switch is in the OFF position. Direct the device away from the face before switching on. When it is switched on, the device will automatically spray after 15 seconds. For safety reasons, follow carefully the directions for use supplied with your Freshmatic device.

This device is battery (2 AA/LR6) operated. FOR ADULT USE ONLY
Not to be used by children and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. Use only as directed. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Use in well ventilated area.s SWITCH OFF TIMER BEFORE INSERTING REFILLS. Read and follow the precautions for use on the aerosol can. Only recommended for use with Air Wick refills. Use only non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Ensure batteries are inserted correctly, aligning the (+) and (-) terminals. If batteries leak - remove them immediately and any leaked material. Remove batteries if device is not used for a long period of time. If away for more than a week, turn off device.