Essential Oil Scented Candles

Candles have been used to illuminate our homes for over 5,000 years[1]. They are a simple, classic way of creating a warm ambience in your living space, whether that be for hosting guests or for a cosy night in. When you combine the history of candles with the rich origins of essential oils, you can create a sensuous setting for any occasion or season.

The Air Wick Essential Oils Infusion Candles are the perfect marriage of these two elements, containing natural essential oils extracted from fruits, flowers and plants, to infuse your home with an invigorating fragrance.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds that are found in fruits, flowers and plants - they are what give plants their unique smell. This distinctiveness in scent gives them an emotionally uplifting ability, making them a refreshing addition to all living spaces. From the relaxing to the rejuvenating, we have a variety of Air Wick® Essential Oils Infusion Candles to add an invigorating fragrance and a warm glow to your home:

White Vanilla Bean

The smooth blend of white vanilla sprinkled with the essence of fresh coconut and a touch of white magnolia and musk adds a sweet scent to your living space at any time of year.

Purple Lavender Meadow

Lavender is perhaps the most used essential oil. Renowned for its calming and sleep-aiding abilities, this colourful fusion of natural lavender and bergamot finished with a flourish of red geranium diffuses a therapeutic touch in your bedroom or elsewhere.

Pink Sweet Pea

To add a floral and fruity fragrance to your home, our Pink Sweet Pea candle will delight your senses with full bloom pink sweet pea and fresh melon, accented by a burst of sun ripened raspberry. This fresh, zesty scent is sure to give you a spring awakening.

How to place around the home

Our Essential Oils candles are as functional as they are fragrant. The colour of the candle perfectly reflects the scent it releases and adds a colourful accessory to kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces. Additionally, the classic glass holder enhances home décor, and can be recycled or re-used once the candle has burnt down.

While our Essential Oils Infusion Candles spread a therapeutic touch throughout your home, Air Wick® are here to help you find the fragrance truest to you. 

Alternatively our new Cork Candle range contains foam wax, for a more even distribution of fragrance and heightened experience. The frosted coloured glass creates a decorative look for the home and the cork lid holds in that much loved fragrance whilst protecting the wax inside from dust exposure.