Air Wick Scented Candle Fresh Forest Pine

Product Features

  • Gently releases the fragrance from the first to the last burn
  • Infused with Natural Essential Oils
  • The classically attractive design looks fantastic in any room
  • Ideal for kitchens and living spaces

Product Description

The nostalgic scent of pine from your freshly cut Christmas tree fills the room as subtle spices whisper that the holidays are here. The crackling fireplace adds harmony and warmth to the spirit of the season.

WARNING: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONARY TEXT BEFORE USE. KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. CAUTIONS: Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard, personal injury or broken glass. Place on flat, heat resistant surface, away from draughts. Store candle in an upright position. Do not use on hot surfaces e.g.T.V. Do not burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Do not move or tip while lit or before liquid hardens. Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the glass holder. Glass will be hot during and after use. Do not use if the glass is damaged. Extinguish candle by blowing gently. Always leave at least 20 cm between burning candles. Recycle when empty